‘ISIC offers Bruneians many benefits’

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MORE than 1,000 Bruneians have registered for the International Student Identity Card (ISIC).

The card allows students aged 12 and above to benefit from discounts on products and services relevant to all aspects of student life. It includes discounts at bookstores, restaurants and for public transport.

Dk Mahani Pg Tajudin, sales and marketing manager (Brunei STA Travel and ISIC), said students who register for the card can also enjoy discounts from several benefit providers in Brunei.

“Benefit providers are certain companies that provide benefits to students. Some of the benefit providers here include Gwad Basha Arabian Restaurant, Pizza Hut, Bismi bookstore, CityMobile Enterprise, Le Apple, Badi’ah Hotel, Parkview Hotel and Star Lodge Brunei.

“ISIC registration forms are made available at these benefit providers. Members of the public who are interested in registering can just pick one up.

“We’re also getting more companies to join as benefit providers,” she said.

Dk Mahani said to recognise a benefit provider, people can just look for an ISIC sticker on the wall of the company.

A representative of Anthony Tours & Travel Agency, she said the card is not only for students but also youths up to 30 years old and full-time teachers working in recognised establishments, including higher education institutions.

“The idea is to help students start saving when they’re shopping or spending. The membership fee is $25, but it’s nothing compared to the benefits they can gain.”

Anthony Tours & Travel Agency is the appointed agency which is authorised to issue the ISIC in Brunei, said Dk Mahani.

“We’ve recently talked to student unions in the UK, Malaysia and Singapore to promote the ISIC to them as they have a large student pool.

“We will be providing links to their respective Facebook pages for the students to see. We’re currently waiting for the student union in Australia to respond.

“We’ve also approached higher education institutions and schools in the country to promote the card. The first school that responded was Cosmopolitan College.”

Ammelia Cheong, another representative of Anthony Tours & Travel Agency handling the ISIC, said most of the students at the college were interested in food discounts.

Among the countries listed, popular travel destinations for students are Malaysia, the UK and Europe, said Dk Mahani.

“Those interested in registering can come to our office. We will process everything and get the card ready on the spot.”

The validity of the card for students is 16 months. Those interested are encouraged to apply sometime in August.

“The card is customised to the European market. So if (students) apply in August, the validity starts in September to December 31 of the following year,” said Dk Mahani.

“For youths (up to 30 years old) and teachers, the cards will expire one year after they register. It doesn’t matter when they apply,” said Cheong.

Those interested in registering can obtain further information on the card by visiting www.isic.org.

The Brunei Times