‘Help us keep monthly welfare aid distribution smooth’

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FORMER water village residents who are eligible for welfare assistance should apply with the grassroots leaders of their current village, said the village head of Kg Sungai Matan.

Pg Hj Abd Rahman Pg Hj Zainal said this is to avoid mistakes in the distribution of monthly welfare assistance and old-age monthly pension.

Pg Hj Abd Rahman said a number of former Kg Sungai Matan residents still prefer to collect welfare assistance from him.

He urged the former residents to interact with their new village heads to prevent mistakes in the welfare assistance distribution.

“There were a number of cases where the recipients received the welfare assistance or old-age pension twice,” said Pg Hj Abd Rahman, who has been head of the Kg Sungai Matan since 2006.

Some of the former residents now migrated to national housing schemes in Kg Meragang, Kg Katok A, and Kg Lugu.

Former residents from water villages should inform their new village heads to make sure the data in the population and housing census is accurate, he said.

House fire victims who were recently given new houses at national housing schemes should contact their new grassroots leaders, he added.

“Perhaps, the former residents didn’t know the grassroots leaders in their new villages. That could be it. I think village heads should also try to communicate with the new residents,” he said.

The Community Development Department (JAPEM) recorded over 29,000 recipients in four welfare categories in 2014, an increase from around 27,000 in 2013. The welfare categories are old-age pension, pension for the blind, mental health allowance and disability allowance.

Kg Sungai Matan has a population of 427 as of January this year, a decline from 532 residents in 2015.

The Brunei Times