JSKLL records 12 traffic offences in ‘Ops Tegas 5’ along Jalan Gadong

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TWELVE traffic offences were recorded during an operation by the Traffic Control and Investigation Department (JSKLL) on Saturday.

According to a statement from the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF), ‘Ops Tegas 5’ took place at two separate locations along Jalan Gadong from 6pm until 12am.

Among the traffic offences recorded were license plates not according to the set standard, tyre-exceeding mudguards, not using the correct road tax sticker, the installation of yellow headlights, faulty horns, faulty license plate lights, not putting up red flags and not securing loads with nets.

In an effort to reduce the accident rate in the country, the RBPF through JSKLL will continue to improve and diversify the traffic enforcement methodology.

In addition, the operations carried out are also intended as a platform to prevent any criminal activities on the road.

On February 4, the RBPF through its Reserve Unit ‘C’ Company held ‘Operasi Langkah’ at Kampung Bebuloh and made two arrests.

The first arrest involved two local men who smuggled in six tins of alcohol respectively and a pack of cigarettes.

The second arrest involved two foreigners and a local who crossed over into Brunei without going through the immigration control post.

The Brunei Times