Important to hoist national flag properly, say community leaders

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MEMBERS of the public especially residents of Mukim Gadong A and Mukim Gadong B are urged to consider the act of hoisting the national flag and respect the symbolic value that comes with it.

Head of RPN Rimba II Mohammad Hj Kabon told The Brunei Times on the sidelines of a flag hoisting ceremony at Kg RPN Rimba’s Gerai Aneka Ria yesterday that the national flag should be respected as it is a symbol of unity for the nation.

“The correct way to hoist the national flag is to attach it to a proper flag pole which is secured to the side of a residential or commercial building.”

He added that the flag pole should also be given consideration and not simply using any available stick; the colours of the flag should be bright and not faded, and most importantly the flag should not be torn.

“The head of villages and their village consultative council (MPK) members will also make rounds to inspect and ensure that the national flags are hoisted at every residence within their jurisdiction,” he said.

“We will help them and show them the appropriate ways,” he added.

In line with the rotation, this year was the RPN Rimba II’s turn to host the flag hoisting ceremony and arrange related activities that could promote the importance of patriotism to the people.

Activities arranged, said Mohammad, include a cleaning campaign, where he also hoped to include school participation, as they aimed at educating more people towards the importance of volunteering for the community and the country.

He hoped that with every activities assigned, the people would become more aware on how to appropriately show their love and appreciation towards the country.

The Brunei Times