‘Mukim Mentiri needs more routes’

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MORE alternative routes are needed to ease traffic congestion for residents of Mukim Mentiri, especially those living in the new Mengkubau National Housing Scheme.

With the number of residents increasing, heavy traffic during peak hours remains a concern as most of them try to get to work or school on time.

Suhaini Hj Saini, a 43-year-old private sector employee and resident of the housing scheme, said traffic jams in the area usually start around 6.30am and last over an hour.

He attributed this to the traffic flow as cars prepare to enter the roundabout in Kg Sg Akar, where during peak hours, some drivers may face difficulties entering the loop.

He also said most residents at the housing scheme work in the capital.

“So we see that the areas around the capital are the main focus of everyone in the morning. That’s why the routes we use will usually be congested then,” he said.

“But that may be fixed if we have a flyover in the area like the one being built in Kg Jangsak. Besides reducing the traffic, it may also allow people to have more time to do things in the morning as they have to leave (home) early around 5 to 6am to avoid the traffic,” he added.

Another resident, Mohammad Rezal Hj Ibrahim, who is an audio technician with Radio Televisyen Brunei, suggested that an alternative route be created to make it convenient for residents to leave the housing area during peak hours.

He said the Mengkubau National Housing Scheme currently has two exit routes: one heading towards Tanah Jambu and the other toward the highway heading to the Mentiri National Housing Scheme.

The second route, he said, could be developed through the unfinished roadworks near the flyover at the highway just a short distance from the entrance to the Mengkubau National Housing Scheme.

“As it’s still in progress, an alternative route could be created there.

“But if it’s already in the planning, hopefully it could be sped up so people can conveniently go to work or send their kids to school in the morning,” he said.

Sharing this sentiment was 39-year-old Aiwan Hj Azahari, who is retired from the military and is making a living as a fisherman.

Aiwan said he usually leaves home before 6am to send his two children to an Arabic preparatory school in the capital as he wants to avoid the traffic and ensure his children arrive on time.

While his children are enrolled in a special school, he noted that most parents in the housing scheme also send their kids to schools in the capital, which may be convenient for them as the schools are located close to their workplaces.

While there is a primary school and secondary school located in the Mentiri National Housing Scheme area, Aiwan said the area around those schools may also be congested from the nearby residents alone.

“So it may also be better if another school was set up here. The Mengkubau National Housing Scheme alone has 4,000 housing units, which means there could be around 4,000 families,” he said.

He estimated that with an average of three children per family, there could be around 12,000 children that need education.

The Brunei Times