Kg Kiudang’s 3MPK Herbal Tea goes online

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POLITEKNIK Brunei students are using social media to help Kg Kiudang Village Consultative Council (MPK) promote and sell their local herbal tea.

Abdul Qawi Abd Sani told The Brunei Times that he and six other group members are looking to help increase public awareness of the local product as part of their final year project.

The 3MPK Herbal Tea was launched in 2010. It is made from dried sambah bagangan leaves and comes in original, lemongrass, ginger and lemon flavours.

Abdul Qawi said the project’s aim is to see the effect social media has on sales.

He said the result of the sales will be announced on February 13 at the Sufri Bolkiah Secondary School in Tutong.

“A lot of people are using social media nowadays. Our focus is not to only help out with the sales but also to raise public awareness on the local product as not many people know it,” he said.

The group opened up various social media accounts to reach out to the public. These include Instagram and Facebook.

He explained that social media can provide information such as the price of the product, where it is produced and sold, and where it can be picked up at just the click of a button.

Meanwhile, creator of the award-winning herbal tea Hj Amran Hj Johari said he is happy that the youth are helping to promote the tea.

“It is the IT era, we need to use these technologies... to use the Internet to promote our products online,” he said.

He added social media could also help the product reach out to the foreign market.

The Brunei Times