‘Be wary of joining contests, competitions’

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IMAMS yesterday reminded congregants not to become unwittingly involved in competitions or contests that are gambling-based in nature.

They said such contests are still deemed as gambling if the contest prize is derived from the fees paid by the participants.

They also reminded congregants to be wary and alert to these forms of competitions or contests that insist on payment of participating fees, for they could unknowingly fall prey to insidious gambling schemes.

All of us, said the imams - in particular Muslim organisers of such events - must be duly sensitive to the divine law of Islam.

According to the imams, gambling is defined as any endeavour or transaction that contains elements of chance or betting, whether big or small, which is transacted through games, entertainment or other means.

Any form of competition or contest that involves the betting of money or property from the participating parties and in which all concerned have the chance to stake a claim on their shares or profits and the risk of losses and where the lucky one will take all the winnings from the loser is classified as gambling.

Regardless of what way it is known, whether characterised by different names, forms or methods, gambling is still forbidden in Islam and is a major sin.

The imams also said that gambling is dangerous and poses a threat to the country and is capable of derailing people from the path of truth.

Therefore, Muslims must take steps to save themselves from being lured into its clutches by strengthening their faith, increasing their knowledge and internalisation of Islam and practicing amal makruf nahi mungkar (carrying out righteous deeds and abstaining from vices).

The imams also attributed the prevalence of evil deeds and social ills to an erosion of a common drive amongst the Muslim ummah to uphold and put into force the principles of amal makruf nahi mungkar.

The Brunei Times