Small claims tribunal extended to all 4 districts

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AS PART of the court’s efforts to further enhance access to justice, the Chief Justice announced yesterday that the Small Claims Tribunal (SCT) will open its doors to the other three districts this year.

“Individuals will be able to have easy access to the tribunal in filling their claims and have their cases consulted and heard in their respective districts,” said Chief Justice Dato Seri Paduka Hj Kifrawi Dato Paduka Hj Kifli.

He said that a channel of cooperation has also been established between all relevant stakeholders that deal with small claims, namely the Labour Department and the Department of Economic Planning and Development.

This year’s Legal Year book, said the Chief Justice, shows statistics provided by these departments which highlight their achievements in dealing with small claims.

“We are proud of their accomplishments in resolving these cases and will continue to work together with them,” said the chief justice.

He said that the ultimate aim of the small claim tribunal is to provide easy access to justice. “The tribunal provides a cheaper, faster and less formal adjudication of cases,” said the chief justice.

He added that the main method of resolving such cases is through mediation at the consultation stage and in turn, the court users will feel more assured knowing that mediators who deal with their cases are accredited. “This court is pleased to report that arrangements have been made for the assistant registrars of the tribunal to sit for assessments in March 2016 in order to obtain accreditation with the Singapore Mediation Centre,” said the chief justice.

According to the Legal Year book, the SCT provides a quick and inexpensive forum for the resolution of small claims between a claimant and a defendant. The SCT has jurisdiction to hear claims not exceeding $10,000 arising out of any contract for the sale of goods or the provision of service or any claim on damages on property.

The Brunei Times