‘Ops Tegas 5’ nets 82 traffic offences

National 1 minute, 17 seconds


A total of 82 traffic offences and 13 docket case tickets were recorded during a nationwide operation coordinated by the Traffic Control and Investigation Department (JSKLL) on Tuesday.

According to a media release provided by the Royal Brunei Police Force, ‘Ops Tegas 5’ involved setting up 15 roadblocks across the country: 10 in Brunei-Muara organised by JSKLL, the Brunei-Muara District Police and the Land Transport Department (JPD), three in Belait and one in Tutong and Temburong respectively.

From the operation, 49 road offences were recorded by JSKLL, five from the Brunei-Muara District Police, seven from the Tutong District Police, 17 from the Belait District Police and one from the Temburong District Police. Meanwhile, JPD participated in an operation where three road offences were recorded.

Of the 13 docket cases, nine were for driving with expired road taxes, one for driving without a license and three for installing window tints.

Meanwhile, the highest number of compound cases recorded was by the Belait District Police where 10 drivers were fined for driving vehicles without functional brake lights followed by eight cases of motorists not affixing their road tax decals on their vehicles as well as malfunctioning car horns recorded from various roadblocks.

The operation was a continuation of the ‘Ops Tegas 4’ traffic enforcement operation launched in 2015 with an emphasis on watching out for traffic offences that commonly lead to road accidents, especially involving deaths.

In an effort to reduce the accident rate in the country, the Royal Brunei Police Force through JSKLL will continue to improve and diversify the traffic enforcement methodology.

The Brunei Times