Mukim Tanjong Maya laments insufficient coconut supply

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LACK of coconut supply is hampering entrepreneurs from Mukim Tanjong Maya to meet the demand for processed products.

Penghulu of Mukim Tanjong Maya Hj Wahab Apong told The Brunei Times that entrepreneurs in the mukim are facing difficulties in meeting the growing demand for various coconut-based products.

The mukim started its venture in 2008 and is now producing virgin coconut oil (VCO), massage oils, cosmetic creams and soaps.

While the demand is growing, Hj Wahab said they could still not venture into mass production, although they have the adequate manpower and facilities, due to insufficient coconut supply.

He noted that the mukim had to decline an offer from an entrepreneur in Singapore, which was made through the Brunei Economic Development Board, because they could not meet the production demand.

The penghulu disclosed they suggested to the Ministry of Home to open up a tender for the supply of coconuts to the mukim.

Another proposal is to develop a coconut plantation somewhere, to be maintained by other entrepreneurs, with the harvests supplied to Mukim Tanjong Maya for processing into various products.

Should there be a steady supply, Hj Wahab said that the mukim may also be able to produce everyday necessities, including Brunei’s own coconut milk, which can help the economy grow as the country will no longer import such product.

He noted that a coconut plantation, however, will take time as the crop can be harvested eight years after planting.

The Penghulu recalled that a coconut plantation was established in the mukim between 2008 to 2009 to support their venture.

However, the coconut plantation did not prosper due to wild boars destroying the saplings, he said.

To sustain the venture, he said they extended their network of coconut suppliers.

Amid the growing demand, he said they are hoping for more coconut suppliers, assuring that the mukim will buy from them.

The Brunei Times