Biodiversity centre visitors hit over 10k

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THE Marine Biodiversity Centre (MBC) has recorded a total of 10,114 visitors since 2013, with a huge increase in the number of visitors last year compared to 2014.

Statistics provided by the MBC showed that the centre received 2,737 visitors in 2013. Last year, there were 4,688 visitors, up 74 per cent from the 2,689 visitors in 2014.

Most of the visitors in the centre were from the different schools in the sultanate.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Desimawati Hj Metali, the head of the centre, attributed the increase in the number of visitors to the heightened awareness of the public and the schools on marine conservation.

She said that more schools have been requesting to conduct educational visits to the centre since it was launched in 2012.

Desimawati added that teachers nowadays are keener on teaching their pupils about the importance of preserving the country’s marine habitat.

“With more schools visiting the centre, school children are now more exposed to the link between turtle habitats and the health of coral reefs,” she said.

“Now they know that even the things they do on land such as littering at the beaches will have an effect on marine life,” Desimawati added.

She said that the increasing interest of school children regarding marine conservation has also spurred members of the public to visit the centre. After parents visited the centre to chaperon their children, they would bring other family members to visit the facility, she said.

The head of the centre said that the interest of the public towards marine life can also be seen by the number of internship requests it has received.

Desimawati said that previously, they would only receive internship request from the Wasan Vocational School’s Fisheries Department. She added that now they have received internship requests from Universiti Brunei Darussalam students as well as sixth form students.

“This clearly shows that more people are interested in the marine life in Brunei,” she said.

The Marine Biodiversity Centre is open to the public during working hours on weekdays

The Brunei Times