‘The Hadith is a manual on how to live our life’

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Muslims should strive their utmost to learn and memorise the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as it serves as a manual on how to live our lives, said the dean of student affairs at Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB). Speaking yesterday during a Hadith memorisation and understanding competition for students of KUPU SB, Dr Hj Noralizam Hj Ali Akbar said that in memorizing and learning the Hadith, we can remember to act accordingly, and in doing so, we will be following the Messenger’s sunnah.

“Some of his Hadith entail acts of cleanliness. So when we memorise such Hadith, we will constantly be reminded to stay hygienic, which at the same time will improve our faith. The same applies to remembering Hadith on acts of goodness towards our neighbours and others,” Dr Hj Noralizam said.

Apart from the importance of the Hadith as a life manual, Dr Hj Noralizam said it is also crucial to learn the Hadith, as it further describes specific steps that the Quran may be vague in.

“The Quran and Hadith must both be learnt. Verses in the Quran which urge us to perform obligatory prayers can be somewhat vague. This is where the Hadith come in, describing the steps on how to do the prayers,” he said.

Dr Hj Noralizam said this was the first competition ever held in the sultanate of memorising and understanding Hadith.

Abdul Hakim Hj Roslan won first place in the competition, scoring 72 per cent. Nur Insyirah @Norrawaeaba Hj Md Mansor, with 67 per cent, came in second while Nurul Hafizah Hj Amat, with 62 per cent, came in third.

The Brunei Times