National Al-Quran reading Musabaqah for Adults from February 2-4

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MINISTRY of Religious Affairs (MoRA) is organising a three-day semi-final for this year’s National Al-Quran reading Musabaqah for Adults from February 2 to 4 at Islamic Da’wah Centre, said a press statement from the ministry yesterday.

A total of 58 participants comprising 37 qari (male Al-Quran readers) and 21 qariah (female Al-Quran readers) are competing for a spot in the finals. The finalists will be announced on February 4.

A total of 48 semi-finalists were selected last year after being successful in the quarter-finals of the national musabaqah, while the remaining 10 were selected from the Adult National Al-Quran Musabaqah. Twenty-five participants presented their recital to the judges yesterday (February 2). Twenty-five more will present their recital today (February 3). The remaining eight participants will present their recital on Thursday (February 4).

The Musabaqah aimed to expose and encourage Brunei’s qari and qariah to improve the quality of their Al-Quran recitation, as well as cultivate people’s interest in learning the proper techniques of Al-Quran recitation.

The Brunei Times