More public transport options for cruise ship tourists

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TOURISTS arriving at the Cruise Ship Centre in Muara Port can expect better mobility to explore the country as public transport will be available once they dock.

Director of Land Transport Department (LTD) Dr Hj Supry Hj Ladi said the department has established a group of stakeholders - including public bus operators, tour buses and licensed taxis - that will cater to cruise ship tourists.

In interview with The Brunei Times, Dr Hj Supry said the department currently has the schedule of cruise ships coming to Brunei for the next two months, which allows them to assign the public transport operators to the centre whenever a cruise ship docks.

The director added that the department has provided information to the director of the Cruise Ship Centre to make cruise ship tourists aware of the transportation choices once they arrive in Brunei.

“What we want is to provide mobility to these tourists so that they will be able to explore the country freely (and) fall in love with Brunei so that they may return one day in the future,” he said.

Dr Hj Supry said the transport services will cater to tourists of any economical background as the public buses are cheap and will only cost $2.

The public buses, he said, will have three routes, one going to the capital, one heading to The Mall in Gadong and another will stop at The Airport Mall.

Meanwhile, the fees for the tour buses are dependent on the operators.

The buses will bring the tourists to locations of interest, thus is an optimal choice for cruise ship tourists who wish to explore the country.

Dr Hj Supry said taxis will be limited to only three or four drivers, and are available for tourists who want more freedom in their choice of destination.

He said this initiative is a collaboration between the LTD, Ports Department, Motor Transport Licensing Authority, Tourism Development Department and public transport operators.

“We will keep improving public transport services in Brunei as we go along (and) what we aspire is for the tourists to be happy and be able to explore what our country can offer,” Dr Hj Supry added.

The Brunei Times