40 RBPF personnel get first year service medals

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FORTY personnel of the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) received their first year of service medal at the police headquarters field in the capital yesterday.

Presenting the medals to the officers and personnel during the ceremony was guest of honour Acting Commanding Officer of Brunei Police District, Superintendent Husaini Haji Mat Zain.

In an interview, three personnel awardees expressed their gratitude on receiving the medal and shared their thoughts.

Being from the Woman Police Squad, WPC 5850 Dk Bazilah Pg Rositi dismissed the misconception that the level of toughness has been lowered for women.

“We share the same experiences and toughness just like the men which can be seen in similarity of our tasks – there is no differentiation,” she said.

Dk Bazilah said that everyone who joins the police force would receive a medal to recognise their first year of service.

Although it is her fifth year in the police force, she still appreciated the RBPF’s recognition of effort by personnel.

“It is good that they (RBPF) recognise our efforts and I highly appreciate it,” she said while holding her medal.

She said she was happy and content in her career and hoped it to be a long-term occupation.

PC 5956 Mohd Hanif Hj Mohd Hanifa, who has been in service for three years, said working in the police force, his main priority is to serve the people. He said awarding the medal serves as an incentive for personnel like him to continue doing good work and always improve the quality of work provided to the people.

He hoped that courses planned by the RBPF will provide him with more opportunities to learn new things. He has already completed his first aid course.

Having been with RBPF for four years, PC 5935 Md Nuraiman Hj Awg Alli said that his work isn’t always smooth-going but he was content with the overall progress.

“You know how people say it; every job has its challenges. We in the RBPF face more challenges than any other public sector organisation but so far Alhamdulillah,” he said, adding that since it is very hard to get a job these days and was content to be in the police force.

The Brunei Times