Miri police seek Bruneian to assist ininvestigation

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MALAYSIAN police in Miri are still searching for the owner of Bruneian-registered car BAB 6320 to assist with their investigation into an accident which took the lives of two Malaysian youths last month.

Inspector G Vesvanathan, who is handling the case, and Miri District's Police Chief ACP Junaidi Bujang yesterday refuted a previous news report claiming that the owner of the car has been identified as the suspect, but still needed the individual concerned to assist with investigations.

“At this point we cannot confirm if the owner of the car is the suspect. All we know is his or her car was found abandoned on the day of the accident near the scene of the accident in Lutong,” said ACP Juaidi.

Vesvanathan said the car, a Chevrolet Captiva, was found parked, with visible damage near the site of the accident on January 24, which took the life of a 21-year-old man and 22-year-old woman who were riding a motorcycle. “If the driver was involved in the accident, it doesn't guarantee that they were the cause. We have not established this yet, so there are no suspects yet (as of today),” said Vesvanathan.

He said the police do not know if the owner drove the car at the time of the accident, adding that a missing report has yet to be filed for the car in Miri. The Royal Brunei Police Force yesterday said it has yet to receive any requests from the Malaysian police on the accident.

The Brunei Times