Hospitality students get hands-on experience

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THE international buffet lunches prepared by students of the Hospitality Department at the Institute of Brunei Technical Education Maktab Teknik Sultan Saiful Rijal Campus (IBTE-MTSSR) have received encouraging response.

According to IBTE-MTSSR’s head of Hospitality Department, it has been well received by the public, who have been showing support to their students who design and create the menus for the buffet lunch.

Mohamad Kamarul Izzudin said that students create the buffet lunch menus based on their own research, supervised by experienced instructors at the department.

“As soon as event details were uploaded onto the IBTE website, we received a lot of bookings for the training restaurant. The Longhouse Restaurant itself is able to cater up to 80 persons,” he said.

He told The Brunei Times that having such events for the public enables students to experience the running of a kitchen and restaurant that offers authenticity of the real business.

It also further enhances student’s skills in cooking methods, as well as restaurant services in preparation for the working environment.

The buffet spreads will be held in the Longhouse Training Restaurant at the IBTE-MTSSR campus.

The buffet costs $7 per adult, and $4 per child.

Today, the students will prepare a Spanish infused cuisine, followed by Korean and Classic English cuisines on Wednesday and Thursday.

Other cuisines planned for the month include Italian, Western, Caribbean, American, Chinese and Filipino, among many others.

Around 170 hospitality department students are currently enrolled in programmes such as Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management, Skill Certificate 3 in Food and Beverage Production and Service, and Skill Certificate 3 Apprenticeship in Professional Cookery and Services.

Mohamad Kamarul Izzudin said the department’s programmes have been running since 1979, although they are always updated with current changes in the hospitality industry.

He said most of the graduates from the previous programmes are currently either in the hospitality sector or the servicing sectors.

The department’s head explained the hospitality students are trained by experienced instructors during their learning at the institution, and are then sent to industry partners during their supervised work attachment period.

“It is hoped that graduates would join the hospitality industry of Brunei. At the end of the programmes, students are equipped with multi-skills and are able to adapt to different variations of the industry, such as working as chefs offshore.

“The institution has many graduates who have joined IBTE’s partners as well as have those who are now established with their own companies,” he said.

He added that the IBTE Institution helps students develop life skills that are transferrable.

“As students are still undergoing training and are not yet professional chefs, opportunities to serve the public allows them to apply their skills, knowledge and recognise self-evaluation.”

For reservations, the public can call 2331079.

The Brunei Times