‘Brunei can earn $2b from aquaculture by 2035’

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BRUNEI has the potential to earn over $2 billion from aquaculture by the year 2035, said the acting deputy director of the Department of Fisheries.

Ranimah Hj Abdul Wahab said the department will help aquaculture operators improve their catch culture management and production in a bid to increase exports of fishery products.

With some companies at the Aquaculture Industrial Site producing up to 214 tonnes of Rostris prawns and 7,000 kilogrammes (seven tonnes) of fish in 2015, Ranimah said she is confident that the target to earn $2.4 billion from aquaculture by 2035 can be achieved.

“It is not a dream, we are getting there,” she said on the sidelines of Legislative Council (LegCo) members visit to the Aquaculture Industrial Site in the Brunei-Muara district yesterday.

A representative from AARR Reski Fisheries, one of the aquaculture companies at the industrial site, said one of the main challenges in penetrating the export market is competing with cheaper produce from Malaysia.

However, the acting deputy director said Brunei’s aquaculture produce is unique in its high quality.

Thus, she noted, Brunei can leverage on this and use that to its advantage.

“I think we shouldn’t supply to the same market and go for a niche,” said Ranimah.

She added that the department will focus on Brunei’s strengths and compete by meeting the different demands of consumers.

“While exploring the export market, we will guide local aquaculture operators (regarding) the requirements of the importing countries,” said Ranimah.

A press statement from the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism said the LegCo members’ trip aimed to provide them with the opportunity to have a closer look at the marine fish and shrimp farming activities.

“The point is to bring the members of LegCo (and show) closely the development of fishery industry especially aquaculture (which has) now become an important industry,” the acting deputy director said.

“We wanted to show the public there is always a potential for aquaculture especially in the finfish cage culture and the shrimp pond culture,” she added.

The Brunei Times