Bond option for MoE scholarship students

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THE Ministry of Education (MoE) scholarship students now have the option of being bonded with local companies if they fail to land a government job.

In an interview with The Brunei Times recently, Head of MoE’s Scholarship Section Hj Ibrahim Hj Bagol said scholarship students can apply to be released from their government bonds.

“However the bond will be transferred to the local companies that they are employed with,” he said on the sidelines of the Silver Run held to mark Teachers’ Day last Sunday.

He said scholars should understand that this does not mean they will be “bond-free”.

“The bond will be transferred to local companies whereby scholars have to spend the same amount of working period as stated in their government bond agreement,” he added.

Hj Ibrahim said if the scholar is bonded to provide his/her service to the government for five years, then he/she will have to work for the same amount of years at their local company.

He went on to say that the scholars may no longer be bonded with the government, but they are still “bonded to the country”.

However, he said transferring of the bond does not apply to all scholarship students as those that specialise in certain professions such as teachers and doctors, are required to work in the civil service.

He explained that scholars who intend to be released from their bonds must meet certain requirements or conditions.

“Those bonded to serve the government must provide evidence that initiatives have already been done on their part to secure jobs with the government.”

Graduates of the scholarships must show evidence of rejection letters or emails from government agencies to which they applied for jobs. The scholars must also show evidence that they have been accepted to work with local companies.

“No specific amount of time or tries are necessary for them to be eligible to apply for the bond release.

“As long as they have provided evidence that they had already applied for government jobs but they still did not manage to get any, and they are offered jobs in the private sector instead, then the ministry will entertain their application to be released from the bond,” he continued.

It was previously reported that from 2014 to March 2015, 65 scholars were released from their government bonds.

At press time, the latest figures from the Scholarship Section on the number of scholars released from their bonds were not available.

The Brunei Times