Louis Mini Zoo animal sale gets lukewarm response from public

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THE sale of exotic animals at Louis Mini Zoo has received a lukewarm response from the public as interested people are offering much lower than the asking price.

The owner, Louis Lim Kim Huat, said since he went public regarding his desire to sell his collection of exotic animals, he has received numerous calls but an overwhelming majority of these callers were not willing to go anywhere near his asking price for the animals. He feels that people are “undervaluing” the price of these animals.

“For example, the other day someone called me enquiring about one of my giant tortoises and I quoted them in excess of a thousand dollars but the person declined saying his budget was only around $100 so I do not think people realise how valuable and exotic my animals are,” he said in a phone interview.

“Another asked if I would sell my talking macaw and I told him that it is not for sale but he tried to entice me with an offer of $45 which I think is a ludicrous offer to begin with,” he said.

It was previously reported that Louis Mini Zoo was looking to sell its collection of exotic animals to the local residents after negotiations to sell the entire wildlife collection to the government broke down. Lim said the only animals he has managed to sell so far is a pair of Nicobar pigeons that he had originally imported from southern Thailand.

“I am open to people haggling for the price but if they expect that they can buy these exotic animals at a pittance then there is no point for me to entertain them,” he said.

Lim said he would not be releasing a price list of all the animals to the public as it would just invite more calls from buyers who are not serious in purchasing the animals.

“It is much better if they visit the zoo and let my zookeeper know which animals they are interested in because then they would have a rough idea of the size and behaviour of the animals. This would also help them to be more understanding during negotiations,” he said.

Lim continues to invite the public to see the animals at Louis Mini Zoo located in Kg Sungai Kelugos, Tutong district if they are interested in purchasing the animals to keep them as pets but urged potential buyers to be realistic while negotiating. Lim said if he is unable to sell the majority of animals, he will look overseas to find buyers.

The Brunei Times