‘Time to adopt a healthy lifestyle’

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THE Health Promotion Centre is urging the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle as soon as possible in order to tackle the growth of non-communicable diseases in Brunei.

“The Health Promotion Centre encourages the public to practise a healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy foods and achieving the recommended level of physical activity on a regular basis,” Siti Munawwarah Awang Tarif, a Health Education Officer at the Health Promotion Centre under the Ministry of Health, said recently.

“It (healthy lifestyle) has to start as early as possible so that NCDs (non-communicable diseases) can be prevented at an early age,” Siti Munawwarah told The Brunei Times during an interview on health issues related to high cholesterol.

She stressed the importance of practising a healthy lifestyle now, as it is the key to having a healthy life in the future.

“It’s not wrong to indulge in social gatherings at restaurants or cafes as long as the public remembers the principles of a healthy lifestyle,” she said, referring to having the knowledge and self-discipline to live a healthy lifestyle.

The Health Promotion Centre, which has been in charge of the Healthy Lifestyle Programme since 2009, has also been conducting a healthy restaurant programme that promotes healthier meal options at participating eating establishments in the country.

“It acts as a platform to encourage owners of more restaurants and eateries to provide healthier meal options on their menus,” she said.

“At the same time, it’s to support the Ministry of Health to achieve Vision 2035: Together Towards a Healthy Nation.”

Of all the deaths caused by NCDs in the sultanate in recent years, around half of the victims were under the age of 70 and the number of fatalities was higher among males than females.

Premature death is the loss of a citizen when one is still productive, consequently reducing the total workforce of a nation.

In Brunei, the main risk factors causing NCDs are unhealthy eating habits, smoking, high sugar intake, high blood pressure, being overweight, lack of exercise and high cholesterol levels.

The national campaign to raise public awareness on the prevention and control of NCDs began on September 9, 2014.

The national drive to combat NCDs was held a year after the Brunei Darussalam National Multi-sectoral Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of NCDs, or BruMAP-NCD 2013-2018, was launched in September 2013.

NCDs such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and hypertension can be present as hidden dangers and remain silent for some time before the condition worsens.

The Brunei Times