‘Keep track of deeds to avoid a bankrupt afterlife’

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CONGREGANTS were reminded yesterday to keep track of all their good deeds and avoid bad ones while on Earth to ensure they are prepared for the next life.

During the Friday sermon, imams told congregants to avoid becoming amongst those who are muflis (bankrupt) in the Akhirat (Hereafter), meaning those who fulfil their religious obligations and perform good deeds while at the same time treating others badly and committing sins against them.

“All of their rewards (pahala) will be taken away by Allah SWT in order to compensate for the debts they accumulated when they committed evil deeds while on Earth,” said the sermon.

Imams said those who become muflis in the Akhirat comprise those who have done the most in accumulating good deeds only to be undone when they are used to pay back for their sins against others, such as being unfair, tyrannical, causing them pain or killing them.

The sermon further said that in exchange, those who committed the evil acts will receive the sins of those they’ve been cruel to.

“Is it not a loss for those who are muflis? They collect good deeds through all of their hard work in doing good and through pious devotion only to have it exchanged for the wrongdoings they have committed against other people,” it said.

Those who have put so much effort into their religious devotion while at the same time committing tyranny, repression and maltreatment toward others will never be protected from Allah SWT’s wrath, the sermon said.

While making mistakes in life is inevitable, especially if it involves doing wrong to someone, quickly seeking forgiveness and showing them kindness is the best route to take.

It further said that when forgiveness can’t be sought while on

Earth, the rewards for their good deeds on Earth will decrease because they will be used to pay those they failed to seek forgiveness from.

The Brunei Times