Youth workshop aims to promote ‘green schools’

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SOME 40 secondary schools and pre-university institutions will be joining the Brunei Youth Environmental Workshop at Jerudong International School (JIS) this Saturday to exchange knowledge and experiences on environmental sustainability.

The workshop will be facilitated by JIS in collaboration with the Science, Technology and Environment Partnership (STEP) Centre under the Ministry of Education.

In recognition of the recently launched United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a joint press statement issued by JIS and the STEP Centre said they have been keen to promote youth involvement in ensuring a sustainable future for all.

The main idea behind the workshop, called the Brunei Youth Environmental Education Workshop, is to raise awareness about the Brunei Green Schools Programme.

The Guidebook for Initiating Green Schools in Brunei Darussalam was launched by the STEP Centre in 2015 and provides a framework for schools that want to become more environmentally friendly.

The statement said the upcoming workshop aims to raise awareness amongst students and their teachers about this programme and encourage institutions across the country to become Green Schools.

Local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and three outstanding schools already involved in projects linked to environmental sustainability will also be attending the workshop to help raise awareness and inspire the participants to join in with their activities, the statement added.

JIS Principal Barnaby Sandow told _The Brunei Times _he was “absolutely delighted that the STEP Centre has invited JIS to be a co-facilitator of the event”.

“We see this as a wonderful opportunity to further strengthen relationships with local schools, NGOs and ministries,” he said.

He said the event provides a platform for students to further develop and learn in a way which meets the school’s aims, specifically leadership and integration.

“This event has been designed for all participants to be actively engaged in learning about ‘greening’ our school environment.

“The whole point of the workshop is for all schools to share ideas. The green schools programme is very student-centred and involves students carrying out audits in areas such as energy conservation, waste management, water conservation, developing an eco-garden, and general health and hygiene issues,” he said.

From the audit findings, students will formulate an action plan and document progress to achieve the plan’s aims, he added.

“JIS is one school participating in this, and we are very much looking forward to working alongside and learning from the other schools too.”

The Brunei Times