‘More young people should become cadets’

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THE Director of the Department of Co-Curricular Education said yesterday that schools should encourage more students to join cadet programmes to improve their character.

During a question and answer session on the sidelines a ceremony for choosing schools to host co-curricular activities in 2016, Pg Suhaimi Pg Hj Bakar said schools should be consistent in encouraging students to take part in cadet programmes throughout their academic years.

He pointed out that some students at certain schools only joined cadet programmes for a short period of time.

“Schools should coordinate (with students). It has to be continuous. I found out that students only join in semester one, but when semester two comes, they (quit),” he said.

“Students should be encouraged to join cadet programmes throughout the year,” he added.

Pg Suhaimi said students seeing others wearing cadet uniforms will reinforce positive values amongst them.

The cadets in school programmes are army, police, scouts and firefighters, he said.

Pg Suhaimi said being student cadets won’t affect their academic performance but will enhance their personality and character.

He said student cadets can wear their uniforms in class while it is in session.

“I talked to the Minister of Education about this, and he said this is okay, as long as it doesn’t affect their academic performance,” he said.

Jalil Pengarah Hj Kapitan, head of the Uniformed Group and Community Service Unit under the Co-Curriculum Department, urged school principals to coordinate with the department in implementing this initiative.

“We’ve been given a comprehensive subsidy (from the government) in preparing cadet programmes such as army, police and firefighters for students. School principals should be pro-active. In 2014 and 2015, we sent memos requesting schools to update their data on students who have joined cadet programmes, but the response was low,” said Jalil.

Pg Suhaimi said school principals can write to the department to request uniforms for students from less fortunate families.

“School principals should justify (the financial situations) of the students so we can provide them with uniforms and the necessary equipment,” he said.

The Brunei Times