Kampung Kapok launches tours

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KAMPUNG Kapok has introduced tour packages to allow visitors to experience its culture and history.

Secretary to the village’s consultative council (MPK) Pg Hj Ibrahim Pg Hj Timbang told The Brunei Times that the tour packages hope to support the government in diversifying the economic activities in the country

He explained that visitors can choose and get a tour of various designated areas in the village.

Visitors can set up a tour with a minimum of two persons or they can sign up for a group tour which requires a minimum of 15 persons per entourage.

Packages include a hike to the top of Bukit Tempayan Pisang and the viewing of traditional activities like dances and music performed by the villagers.

Pg Hj Ibrahim said that visitors will be assigned a guide who would be able to explain to them what they are seeing or experiencing.

“For instance, we have trained a number of people who could guide visitors along the hike at Bukit Tempayan Pisang... Along the trail, the guides would be able to explain some of the history and folklores surrounding the area,” he said.

“This also includes the famous Gua Radat and Gua Harimau, located within Bukit Tempayan Pisang itself,” he added.

The traditional performances, he explained, may vary accordingly, but it will range from traditional dances and gulingtangan performances to a mock wedding.

This would give visitors a taste of what Bruneian culture has to offer them, he said.

Visitors will also be given the opportunity to experience the village’s banana farm, with a guide explaining to them the types of bananas planted.

The bananas would also be available for purchase, depending on the season.

“They will be brought to view the making of our premier product, the banana chips with five flavours,” he said, adding that the tourists will also be treated to a documentary on the village’s activities.

Prices for group packages stand at $36 per adult and $18 per child if they opt for a hike at Bukit Tempayan Pisang or $33 for adults and $15 for children should they decide not to go for the hike.

The prices for individual packages would be $45 for adults and $22 for children with the hike, and $40 for adults and $20 for children without the hike.

The prices, said Pg Hj Ibrahim, was set by the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism.

“While we can set up different prices for our packages, we decided to go along with the ministry’s set of prices as we want to support their efforts to further diversify the economic activities in the country, particularly in the tourism industry,” said the secretary.

Around 21 travel agencies have been called on to view the tour packages in a recent meeting, and Pg Hj Ibrahim said that officials from the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism had also encouraged these agencies to call them should there be tourists interested in touring the village.

“At least we have more things to show them, more than just landmarks and building... we can show them the culture of the country,” he said.

“Through this package, I hope that not only will it help stabilise the economy, but it would also foster the growth of our village,” he added.

The Brunei Times