Department of Islamic Studies honours education leaders

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TEACHERS and school leaders were urged to enhance their leadership skills to improve the development of religious education institutions in Brunei.

The former acting assistant director at the Department of Islamic Studies (JPI), Ministry of Religious Affairs, said this during an appreciation ceremony held yesterday to honour her contributions to the ministry prior to her retirement on January 5, 2016.

The ceremony was organised by the Tutong District Islamic Studies Office and the Tutong District Religious Teachers’ Committee.

Ustazah Hjh Surbiah Hj Tengah said there are many ways for leaders to become successful but the thirst for power is not one of them.

“To be trusted as a leader, be the kind of leader that is responsible for the tasks that are given to you and take care of the well-being of those you are leading,” she said yesterday at Dewan Kemasyarakatan Tutong.

Ustazah Hjh Surbiah used the opportunity to share the wisdom which she had accumulated over her 29 years of working.

She said that the ability to resolve problems without delay or procrastinating and forming a strong bond with other colleagues are among the criteria and skills that a leader should possess.

She also pointed out the importance of being open to others’ opinions and constructive criticisms.

Leaders must also be positive and determined. They must be willing to continue learning, know the limits and capabilities of those he or she is leading and be attentive to any problems that may arise, she said.

The event was also held to celebrate the achievements of Mazwewati Mazali, a religious teacher from Tutong who was a recipient of the Excellent Teacher Award 2015.

Mazmewati – a headmistress of two religious schools since 2009 – had previously received the Special Mention Award during the 2007 Teacher’s Day Celebration.

Despite her wealth of experience, she said her 18 years of service was still ‘young’ and ‘bittersweet’.

“With the knowledge from all the years of experiences, use and practice them... assess them from time to time because experience is the best teacher,” she said.

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