‘Co-curricular activities can help students develop multiple skills’

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CO-CURRICULAR activities are essential learning processes that encourage students’ holistic development in terms of life skills, competencies and values.

Pg Suhaimi Pg Hj Bakar, Director of the Department of Co-Curricular Education, said co-curricular activities are relevant in preparing students with the necessary skills to balance their studies and social life.

“Co-curricular activities are still relevant today because they help students better communicate with people. They will learn to be competent and develop life values. Young people nowadays are more interested in the Internet, unlike children in the past who interacted more with their parents. With co-curricular activities at school, students will learn life skills which will help them better interact with people in the community,” said Pg Suhaimi.

He was speaking on the sidelines of a ceremony where 36 private and public schools were appointed to host various co-curricular activities throughout 2016.

The activities are divided into three categories: physical, spiritual and art activities. Physical activities include football, basketball, sepak takraw (kick volleyball, a native sport in Southeast Asia), badminton, futsal and ping pong. Spiritual activities include religious lectures and recitation of dikir, while art activities will include choirs.

Pg Suhaimi said co-curricular activities can help students grow and develop new knowledge and skills for success in life.

He said participation in co-curricular activities can enhance student learning effectiveness.

He added that participating in co-curricular activities enables the development of top students with multiple skills.

“Students will learn how to manage competitions and organise events, which will teach them teamwork and time management,” he said.

According to a press statement from the department, the number of schools appointed to host co-curricular activities has increased from 26 in 2014.

Pg Isteri Hjh Mariam (PIHM) Serasa Secondary School Deputy Principal (Administration) Hj Mahleyuddin Hj Metusin, whose school will host a football competition in Zone 2 this year, said he hoped the competition will motivate students to do well for other upcoming sports competitions.

“Participating in co-curricular activities such as football will teach students to have a balance in their life. They will learn how to prepare before the competition, creating a competitive culture (amongst students). On top of that, students will also learn to build networks with other schools to share and exchange ideas towards (achieving) a healthy lifestyle.”

Hj Mahleyuddin said he hopes the football competition will prepare students for the national level in the future.

Sports School Deputy Principal Ilham Jais said his school is fortunate to host the football competition in Zone 1 and hoped to instill sportsmanship in students.

St George’s School Head of CCA, Sheeba Joseph, said her school has been given the opportunity to host the Secondary Inter School Badminton competition for Brunei Zone 1 this year.

“I hope this opportunity will help Bruneian students improve their badminton skills, game experience and good sportsmanship.”

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