180 personnel take part in collaborated fire exercise

National 1 minute, 31 seconds


AROUND 180 personnel from various agencies conducted a collaborated fire exercise based on a real scenario at the Old Tower Exercise Centre at the Fire and Rescue Department’s headquarters last night.

 The exercise named “Exercise Gerak Sepadu” was organised by the Fire and Rescue department and included personnel from the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, the Royal Brunei Police Force, The Emergency Medical Ambulance Services, the K9 Ghurka Reserve Unit, the Operations branch and the Special Unit of the Fire and Rescue Department.

 The aim of the exercise was to prepare the personnel from various agencies for the procedures to be followed during a disaster, including the collapse of a building.

 It also aimed to prepare the security agencies for their specific role in the fire exercise.

 The concept of the exercise was a Level Two Multi-Incident training which involved the early response of the nearby fire station as well as skill support from the Special Unit of the Fire and Rescue Department.  A table top exercise was also conducted, aimed to test the head officers of the squads in their planning, their correct action, as well as their communication with other agencies.

 The officers from all the agencies were also tested on how well they knew their squads’ role in the collaborated fire exercise.

 One of the targets of the exercise was to test the capabilities of the Special Unit, Diving unit, Hazmat Unit and Special Squad Unit of the Fire and Rescue Department.

 The various units were also tested by their search and rescue techniques; the handling of equipment; communication systems during the operations and their knowledge of the guidelines and procedures.

 Present to witness the exercise was The Fire and Rescue Department’s Director, Yahya Hj Abd Rahman, Deputy Director Lim Hock Guan, officers and personnel.

The Brunei Times