ITB unveils rebrand

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INSTITUT Teknologi Brunei (ITB) yesterday unveiled a new logo as part of its rebranding to improve the university’s visibility and better communicate its aspirations.

According to ITB, the logo was designed to represent the foundation of its brand - engineering as represented by the building blocks, technology, action and preparation.

The logo will not replace the current ITB crest, but complements the overall ITB identity.

Speaking on the sidelines of the logo launch, ITB Vice-Chancellor Associate Professor Dr Hjh Zohrah Hj Sulaiman said the new logo hopes to project the idea of being more forward looking.

ITB Director of International and Public Relations Office Hj Ady Syarmin Hj Md Taib said the rebranding initiative was mooted in 2014 against a backdrop of efforts to bring the university to greater heights.

In his speech, he said the logo’s launch coincided with the varsity celebrating its 30th anniversary.

“We can see the new brand as a reminder – internally a reminder of our role in delivering the mission of the university and externally our potentially influential role as the ITB brand ambassadors,” he said.

Hj Ady Syarmin added that ITB hoped the rebranding would stimulate efforts in realising its vision to be among the best 10 engineering and technology universities in Southeast Asia by 2018.

“With today’s launch, we expect to project our identity more consistently when communicating our messages across, in line with the new brand message,” Hj Ady Syarmin said.

ITB said the brand is more than just a logo, as it is a representation of its identity including what it stands for.

Its new tagline is ready to engage brighter minds; pioneer growth; engineer your future; connect; explore; excel and launch.

ITB was established in 1986, with its first intake of 57 students.

To date, the university has produced 5,006 graduates. There are currently 2,169 students and 145 faculty members.

The Brunei Times