‘Improvise your counselling skills according to passage of time’

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COUNSELLING skills services need to be improvised from time to time as the passage of time lead to the changing of mindset and behaviour among the younger generation, said several counsellors during the first day of Training of Trainers – Parental Skills Programme yesterday.

A counsellor from the Sayyidina Abu Bakar Secondary School (SMSAB), Hjh Siti Azizah Hj Wahsalfelah, said that students now have a different attitude and mentality, unlike previous generations.

She said that technology requires youth to develop new skills and habits that are far ahead of what the educational system can nowadays deliver.

“Technology and globalisation provide opportunities for young people to learn new knowledge. However, some knowledge may not be relevant or negative to our country,” she said.

“Every day counsellors are facing new challenges within school community especially among students and we have to come up with different solution for every case,” she said, adding that addressing and solving problems that occur among young people is actually everyone’s responsibility, but counsellors have a bigger role in ensuring the society have a stable life.

Meanwhile, an education officer and school counsellor from the Counselling and Career Division, Hjh Rosimah Hj Ibrahim said that to improve the standard of counselling service for students or the general public, counsellors need to be proactive in conducting research.

“The counselling knowledge and skills that we have now may not be relevant with future generation. Thus, it is necessary for us to do some study in order to achieve better services,” she said.

“We are hoping that by participating more in workshops and programme on counselling can improve our skills, since we also concentrated on different field such as career development, discipline and academic,” she added.

The Brunei Times