Close logistic ties among militaries crucial for ensuring civilian welfare

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STRONG bilateral relations and coordination between military logistic practitioners are crucial for ensuring the safety of civilians, said an official from the International Cooperation Directorate of the Indonesian Ministry of Defence yesterday.

Speaking on the sidelines of the ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Logistics Support Framework Table Top Exercise (ADMM LSF TTX) yesterday, Lt Colonel Ikwan Achmadi said that people often forget that the operations conducted by the military include the welfare of civilians.

Not only in regards to Human Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR), he said, because crisis situations are many and diverse, adding that there are situations that require the military to provide medical assistance to civilians.

“There are some situations such as an outbreak of disease or diseases caused by natural disasters such as floods where the military has to step in and also provide medical and health service support to the affected civilians,” he said.

Ikwan added that strong bilateral relations and coordination between military logistics experts are established through gathering such as the ADMM LSF TTX because it allows the nations to be well informed of assets and resources available that each nation can contribute in times of crisis.

He said that the logistics support framework also plays an important role because the framework can determine the duration of the military operation, be it HADR or military medical support.

“The framework helps us optimise our operations, meaning that it helps us respond faster as well as making our operations sustainable and reliable,” he said.

“In times of crisis, all of the resources contributed by the different nations will converge into one effort (and) it will not only connect the defence sector with one another but also between the defence sector and the civilians because they are the ones we are trying to protect,” he added.

The colonel went on to say that he hopes that the ADMM will bring logistic experts from the different ASEAN nations closer to one another as it shows stronger cooperation as well as coordination among the nations involved.

“The ADMM has become a symbol of unity for ASEAN countries (and) that unity will be seen through the logistic support we provide one another to achieve joint operations that are more efficient as well as sustainable,” he added.

The Brunei Times