Experience serves as platform to pursue passion

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MEMBERS of the this year’s SEEDS production “Jong Sarat” yesterday said that the experience had served as platform for them to pursue their passion from the various roles they took part during the production.

During the graduation ceremony of the seventh Students Extracurricular and Educational Dramatic Society (SEEDS) Production “Jong Sarat”, Nabilah Alimas, who was part of the cast make-up, said it has been an amazing experience to a part of the society, that while they are having fun, there is also an amount of professionalism in SEEDS.

She further said that she has been interested in theatre and that this is a good platform and a good start for Brunei as well as allowing her to do different things.

“The experience is amazing. I get to meet a lot of new people who are interested in the same things as I’m interested in. All these seedlings, these students, it’s amazing to see all these talent, that there is another side of Brunei that’s not just academic all the time, it’s amazing to see this talent,” she said.

Nabilah, who joined SEEDS in 2014 for the Amas Production, said that the society feels like a family to her and she looks forward to the production as it’s a way for everyone to express themselves, even the putting on the make-up on cast members.

“Overall, it’s been a great experience, it’s a lot of work but at the end of it especially days like today, when it’s the end of the production, the last day, afterwards you see all these people, it’s an amazing feeling to be a part of this talent, even though it’s not as big right now, it’s like a family, you can see the bond, everyone is appreciating who everyone done, that’s what I like about SEEDS,” said Nabilah.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Syarafuddin Marjuki from PTE Tutong said that he liked the production and joined in because he was interested in singing. He was further surprised when he tried out the theatre audition that he got the part of one of main character, Asmali.

The soon-to-be 18-year-old said that Brunei should put more interest and develop these types of career path as it is another way to achieve success.

Syarafuddin said after being part of this production, he’s seriously considering to pursue a career in the arts, possibly heading to Singapore or in the United States to further his ambition.

“This is my first formal theatre, it was a great thing, a great year, I didn’t expect this stuff, I’ve seen theater once, it looks easy but it’s not,” said Syarafuddin.

He further said he highly recommended for other to join theatre, as it had given taught him and given him skills such as projecting his voice and how to be in character and not to break it.

“They teach me, so everything I got from them I will deliver it to people interested in theatre,” said Syarafuddin.

He further said that in Tutong, there are some interested in theatre, but there is less exposure there.

“I was lucky. If I knew earlier, I would’ve joined SEEDS earlier,” said Syarafuddin.

SEEDS veteran Muhammad Khairul Nur Alif Ahmad, 20, that his experience from SEEDS3 up until now has been an “awesome experience”.

He said that he has been active since SEEDS5 when he performed as Timon in the Lion King production and later as a participated as props and designs for SEEDS6’s Amas production before landing a main role as Razak in this year’s Jong Sarat production.

“This is my dream, I wanted to be performer, I want to be an entertainer, its like a platform to me but then I realised that I need to study too. So, this is like my hobby for now,” said Khairul.

He further said that experience has build up his self-confidence such as voice projection which useful especially when doing presentation in school.

“During presentation, why should I be scared anymore, because I have the confidence,” said Khairul.

He further said that since joining SEEDS, it has further improved his command of the English language, which he considered weak subject.

“When I came here, my English started to improve, it’s all about education here, especially my pronunciation, my enunciation and how I emphasise on the correct word, because in English you have to emphasise on correct words,” said Khairul.

He went on to say that being part of SEEDS is not only about fun and for entertainment; it is also about the educational experience.

“I think SEEDS should continue even though it is the founders’ last this year, I think they should go on and inspire more our next generation, that is important, its education and not just entertainment,” said Khairul.

This year’s musical production, set in the 1980s, is centres around the lives of four friends who are on cusp of adulthood. Each characters struggle between duty and desire – pragmatic Razak, who wants to support his family; dreamy Nur, who is torn between her father’s wishes and her own yearnings; frustrated Asmali, who always feels like second best; and loyal Salmah, who wants only to nurture the friendships around her as carefully as she nurtures her parents’ Jong Sarat business.

Last year’s musical production, Amas, the music was derived from traditional Brunei-Malay songs.

But this year is different. From the script down to the play’s soundtrack, everything is 100 per cent SEEDS original. The songs are produced with the help of Adi Rani from ProjectTunes and local singing talent, Hill Zaini.

The production features a cast of 10 and a production team consisting of 42 coaches and 70 students.

Seeds Brunei comprised art enthusiasts, teachers and volunteers with the support of the Department of Schools at the Ministry of Education.

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