Volunteer group seeks public donations for charity event

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THE Project Nurkaseh volunteer group is seeking public donations for a charity event to help underprivileged people.

Faridah Hj Mohd Daud, founder of Project Nurkaseh, said the group will hold the charity event named “Berdudun Beramal Jariah” on February 23.

Using an ‘open market concept’, the charity event will display the donated items for the recipients to select at a location that will be disclosed at a later date.

The public can donate clothing, shoes, food, toiletries, cooking ingredients and other necessities until February 22.

During an interview, Faridah said the inspiration for the open market concept came from her parents.

“When I was young, there was a construction work to widen the road near my home. A lot of labourers were resting on the side of the road under the hot sun.

“My family was not well off, but my mom would set a table in front of our house and offered fried rice and cold water to the labourers,” said Faridah.

She added that the Bruneian culture for bedudun (mingling) is declining and hoped the event would promote the practice.

“(We want the public) to share food and stories (together), with their neighbours and friends as well as the underprivileged.” said Faridah.

Based on her observation, she said people nowadays were more distant and rarely talked to one another.

Faridah went on to say that she wants to educate the children to be more open and charitable.

Thr founder said there are more than 100 recipients recorded in their list and Project Nurkaseh has a system in place to ensure all the recipients will receive a share of the donations.

The donation recipients include single mothers, orphans, as well as families who cannot support themselves.

Members of the public who wish to donate may contact Hjh Faeza at 8601221 or Hjh Adiah at 8926703. Donated items should not be damaged or cannot be used.

The Brunei Times