UNISSA launches Syariah and Law Student’s Society

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UNIVERSITI Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) yesterday launched the reestablishment of its Law Students Society, now known as the Syariah and Law Student’s Society.

Dean of the Syariah and Law faculty Dr Hajah Masnooraini Hj Mohiddin said that the Syariah and Law Students’ Society was formed as a non-political party to unite both Syariah and Law students in UNISSA towards social and collaborative interactions.

“After months of joint efforts by the coordinators, lecturers and the Syariah and Law students, the Syariah and Law Students’ Society is finally ready to be unveiled,” she said.

Prior to its reestablishment, the society existed as the Law Students Society.

The association was involved in activities such as conferences and forums in various Asian countries.

Despite this, the society was not acknowledged and remained ambiguous for a long period.

According to Dr Hjh Masnooraini the society’s vision is to establish a global image on the promising future of Brunei while promoting awareness of justice.

It also helps facilitate the recognition of the social responsibilities of Law students and simultaneously allow both the Syariah and Law students to represent their interests.

In her speech the dean hoped for the society to focus on its vision to remain feasible in the future.

The society’s objectives, she said, are to understand and appreciate the diversity and share the ideals of law in society through exchange and communication among the Bruneian Syariah and Law students.

She noted that its main objective is to motivate Syariah and Law students to develop creativity through forming a network of activities which can help them think globally, become socially responsible, academically committed and legally skilled.

Dr Hjh Masnooraini expressed her hopes for the society to be able to carry out its duties and responsibilities and assimilate Islamic themed activities into their future events.

“I hope that the Syariah and Law Students’ Society will initiate activities and events which will (involve) all students of the Faculty of Syariah and Law in order to benefit them,” she said.

The Brunei Times