ITB seeking international accreditation for three courses

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INSTITUT Teknologi Brunei (ITB) aims to secure international accreditation for its engineering, business and computing courses by 2018.

ITB Vice Chancellor Associate Professor Dr Hjh Zohrah Hj Sulaiman said international accreditation is one way for the varsity to become one of the top 10 universities in the region by 2018 for engineering and technology.

Speaking on the sidelines of a thanksgiving ceremony for ITB’s 30th anniversary on Thursday night, she said the university’s first target is to get its computing degree programmes accredited from the British Computer Society sometime this year.

“We’re all working towards having quality programmes because our students recognise that and want to graduate from an internationally accredited programme,” she said.

“International accreditation is a recognition of quality, which also shows that it can be as good as any (institute) in the world. Our intention is to get things up to standard,” she added.

She said ITB would still be able to run programmes without accreditation as they are still marketable, but international accreditation would make the courses even better.

“Our aim for now until 2018 is quality. Producing quality graduates, quality programmes, quality research and quality collaboration,” she said, adding that graduates of accredited programmes that are aligned to industrial needs will be attractive to potential employers.

Dr Hjh Zohrah went on to say that the process of getting accreditation isn’t easy, as the auditors will be studying the curriculum.

The quality of the programmes has to meet the international standards and criteria set by the accrediting bodies in order to be recognised, she said.

”When you achieve all these quality programmes, quality graduates and quality research, it will all fall into place towards our vision 2018. If all these are of the best quality, then obviously we can be amongst the best 10 in Southeast Asia in 2018. So we need to achieve quality,” she said.

Commenting on ITB’s 30th anniversary, Dr Hjh Zohrah said it is a milestone for the university.

”We have achieved milestones such as in research, so of course after our 30th anniversary, it’s going to be even better, and eventually we will gain a reputation amongst our graduates,” she said.

“We don’t want to produce jobseekers only, but also job creators. That’s why we nurture our students on campus to be creative and innovative,” she added.

(Additional reporting from Waqiuddin Rajak).

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