IKERAB teaches youths eco-friendly self-sufficiency

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THE Bunut Youth Association (IKERAB) is looking into releasing more fish and tiger prawn eggs into the Damuan River this year in an attempt to teach and encourage youths to generate their own income while sustaining the environment.

In a ceremony attended by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports last November, IKERAB released 15,000 tiger prawn eggs and 2,000 juvenile Barramundi into the Damuan River to replenish the species’ population.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, the association’s chairman, Pg Wahab Pg Hj Ibrahim, said members of IKERAB will conduct fishing activities at the river once the river life has matured, where the earnings from the sale of the fish will be used to buy more juvenile Barramundi and tiger prawn eggs.

“This is a way for us to teach these youths to earn a living through natural resources with a method that’s sustainable because we have to keep in mind that overfishing is still a problem in Brunei,” he said.

He said the youths collected more than $2,000 to purchase all the eggs and juvenile fish, adding that the reason they chose Barramundi and tiger prawns is because the Damuan River is a healthy breeding ground for them.

He said demand for these types of river life is still high in Brunei and by breeding these species, it will keep prices steady, as the reason prices of fish rise is because supply isn’t enough to meet demand.

“By continuously replenishing the population of the river life, we can create a situation where supply will overshadow demand, making it affordable as well as preventing them from becoming extinct,” he said.

“At the moment, the fish and tiger prawns haven’t matured. It will maybe take another two or three months, (and) until then, fishing is prohibited at the area where we released them,” he added.

The Brunei Times