Exhibition scheduled for CG architectural models

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STUDENTS trained in computer graphics (CG) in architectural design will be showcasing their work in an exhibition later this month.

Some of the students – currently in the final leg of their nine-month ‘Computer Graphics Professional Programme’ by Chinese Technology Company, Sesame World Technology Sdn Bhd – expressed their optimism in having their 3D work up for public viewing.

Twenty-two-year-old Bazrul Fadli Baharin said that the exhibition would be the right platform to showcase their work as they would eventually have to learn how to receive feedback from the public.

I am quite nervous but I still feel okay as we are showing our talents to the public. I hope the public will accept (our work),” said Bazrul.

“This will help the architecture industry here because these services were not available locally before. Soon relevant parties can get help from us where we will make a 3D model before they develop it into the real thing,” he added.

Twenty-eight-year-old Hadizah Amalina Hamzah, who has a background in architectural design and technology, said that the computer graphics course presents itself as a pathway to a career she is passionate about.

“I feel that this is a natural progression for my skills so I am excited at the prospects of showcasing what I am capable of. It will give me more exposure,” said Hadizah.

With the arts as his passion, 36-year-old Eddy Yong Tek Wei, expressed his enthusiasm on participating in the programme and the upcoming exhibition.

“I am quite excited. For me, as an artist, the best thing you can get is good feedback from people and it would make me so happy on the inside,” said Eddy, adding that he had informed all his family and friends about the exhibition.

“Hopefully I would get noticed for my work,” he said.

Operations Manager at Sesame World Technology Sdn Bhd, Alex How, said that he was confident with the students’ progress over the past few months.

“When we introduced the 3DS MAX software to them, some of them had not been hands-on with the software so they had a rough time handling the programme in the beginning,” said Alex.

“Now, I can see that some of their work is actually very impressive,” he said.

The exhibition, ‘CG Exhibit: ‘The First Build’, is expected to run from January 28 to 30 at the 5th floor of the Design & Technology Building located at the Anggerek Desa Technology Park.

Members of the public are invited to view the exhibition from 9am to 6pm with the exception of January 29 where the exhibition will begin at 2pm.

The Brunei Times