Driving architecture into the new age

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ARCHITECTS and contractors in Brunei will soon be able to rely on local talent to transform blueprints into 3D computer graphics (CG) models.

Fifteen local students are due to complete their training in the CG services field this April.

They were awarded scholarships by Chinese technology company, Sesame World Technology Sdn Bhd last June.

The CG services, focused on architectural design, would help relevant stakeholders get their blueprints recreated, along with rendering and a moving animation of their architectural projects.

Sesame World Technology Operations Manager Alex How, told local media yesterday that the training provided to locals is a strong start for the industry.

“We are creating a pool of talent and by doing so, we can expect more (projects) to come into Brunei and by then we will be able to cater to these needs,” he said.

“In the future, we aim to (cater to) overseas companies or architectural companies to engage our students and take up our services in 3D graphics and jobs,” he added.

The scholarship programme is a collaboration between Sesame World Technology, the Authority for Info-Communications Technology Industry (AITI) and Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB).

The CG scholarship is also funded under the 10th National Development Plan for Human Capacity Development programme.

According to Digital Media Development Manager at AITI Hj Hadi Iskandar DP Hj Mohammad, the service would also help future clients assess their blueprints via a 3D model, enabling them to see if any flaws are present.

“The students who are doing the 3D rendering will only build what is based on the blueprint. Contractors could have made a mistake if it was not for 3D rendering. That is one of its benefits,” said Hj Hadi Iskandar.

According to a press statement, the computer graphic skills would be applicable to several industries such as interior design, architecture, urban planning and landscape design.

The students are using 3DS MAX software to create buildings based on blueprints provided by architects.

While the course is expected to be completed in April, interested parties are able to engage the students during the course of their studies.

The Brunei Times