2 restaurants warned on health concerns

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TWO eateries in Mukim Liang have been warned for lax health and safety standards by the licensing and enforcement section of the Belait District Office this week.

The warning, issued during an operation to the area, focused on the need to improve food storage, preparation and service, as well as overall cleanliness of the eatery itself. Failure to do so will result in the temporary closure in accordance with the Business Licence Act, Chapter 127 introduced last year.

In a statement, the Belait District Office said that restaurants “should not solely place an emphasis on profits” at the expense of the safety and hygiene of its surroundings and food served.

“The lack of clean utensils, proper storage and preparation that is unsanitary will increases health risks and diseases from encouraging the growth of bacteria and the breeding of cockroaches, flies and rats,” said the district office.

During the operation, business owners were also counselled by Kuala Belait’s Department of Health on how to maintain proper health and safety standards.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, at least four eateries were temporarily closed in Liang for failing to meet hygiene requirements.

The Belait District Office said it would be conducting periodic inspections to eateries to ensure safety, and encouraged members of the public to call the enforcement’s hotline at 3334335, extension 404 for any complaints.

The Brunei Times