‘Passion key for those in the primary industry’

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PASSION is a necessity for those venturing into the primary industry, said the acting principal of a technical education institute yesterday.

Zaitunah Hj Kurus, from the Institute of Brunei Technical Education Wasan Vocational School (IBTE SVW) Campus, said those who enter the primary industry must have the passion towards agriculture and its related fields to ensure maximum productivity.

She added that individuals who enter the primary industry for the sole reason of employment will have difficulty in sustaining his or her production.

The primary industry is the sector of the economy making direct use of natural resources which includes agriculture, fishing, forestry and mining.

“When it comes to our school (IBTE SVW), there are some students who enter just to upgrade their qualifications (and) there are some who drop the course half way, she said, adding that others stay but end up taking jobs that do not make use of what they learned at the institute.

She said that those who have interest in the primary industry on the other hand, will try their hardest to enter a job in their related fields to optimise and utilise their knowledge and skills gained from the school.

Asked what can increase youth’s interest in the primary industry, the acting principal said that parents should be open minded and support their children should they choose to enter the sector.

She urged parents to understand that the primary industry is an area that needs to be developed and explored which is why there is always a need for new blood to enter the sector.

“I understand that parents want what is best for their children, and they don’t want to see their children live a hard life and work under the sun,” said Zaitunah.

The acting principal however explained that the work that is done by the primary sector is very noble because they contribute to the nation’s sustainability.

“Parents should always support their children if they are interested in entering the industry because it can be said that individuals from the primary industry are feeding the residents of the nation through their products,” she added.

The Brunei Times