10 foreigners nabbed in immigration raid by JIPK

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TEN foreign nationals were detained yesterday in a raid by enforcement officials from the National Registration and Immigration Department (JIPK).

The foreigners were apprehended for failing to produce valid immigration documents upon inspection at two rental rooms and a rental house in Mukim Serasa and Mukim Kota Batu.

All of those who were detained during the raid - dubbed ‘Ops KESAN JIPK 07/2016’ - were brought to the central police station in the capital for further investigation.

The JIPK in a press statement reminded employers and guarantors of immigration passes to always ensure their documents are valid and not in any way misused by their employees.

The department added that employers must not employ a foreign national who is not endorsed by them, as this is an offence under their jurisdiction.

Those found guilty of committing the offence will be fined not less than $3,000 for each immigration offender.

The JIPK also urged members of the public to report any information related to immigration offences to the department at 8753888 or 8734888.

Details of informants will be kept confidential.

The Brunei Times