Budding entrepreneurs all praises for convenience of Enterprise Open Day

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BUSINESS men and women were satisfied with the support services provided during the first day of the Enterprise Open Day held at the Design and Technology building, Anggerek Desa yesterday.

Siti Nahriah who is looking to start a business with her husband said that the Enterprise Open Day saved her a lot of time in terms of initial setting up of a business.

“Although we came at 4pm, we managed to get a lot of (business-related) services and support we were looking for compared to before when we had to visit several government offices to get things done,” she said.

One of the things that she succeeded in doing yesterday was to get financial management tips and advice such as basic book keeping and how to run cashiers.

 “A lot of people who start businesses do not realise it but cash flow management is very important and that there is actually a standardised way in doing it,” she said

Looking to get his garment company Rudy & Co licensed, 35-year-old Rudy Hamid commended the event for its convenience as relevant government booths were readily available to cater to his enquiries.

“Before when I wanted to register my business logo to make sure no other company would have the design, I would have to visit several offices to get it done.

“The same thing goes for filing a complaint or issue. Here, I just have to walk to the specified booth and it would be settled,” he said.

Mimi Rosli, 23, who works for Crescent Sdn Bhd, found the quick tour provided by government officials who greeted her at the door as very helpful.

“Before, I would get a booklet on how to start a business but here I simply had to ask and i would be pointed in the right direction,” Mimi said.

Martina who works for BICPA, an accountancy academy, said that as an entrepreneur the event was really good and very informative especially the talk provided by the Prime Minister’s Office on Vision 2035.

However, she wished that the event was advertised more effectively as she thought it was only open to invitation – knowing about it from a friend.

The Enterprise Open Day for SMEs was organised for the first time by the Energy and Industry Department at the Prime Minister’s Office.  Entrepreneurs, professionals an authorities are called on to make use of the Enterprise Open Day to exchange views and knowledge.  Government agencies and financial institutions will set up booths during three day event that will be starting from 8am to 5pm.  The booths provide services such as advisory clinics, business related issues and complaints, and financial literacy among others.

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