25 teachers join three-day BAT subject workshop

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TWENTY-FIVE teachers from various government and private schools joined the three-day Business, Art and Technology (BAT) subject workshop starting yesterday at the Ministry of Education.

The ministry’s Technology Studies Unit under the Curriculum Development Department said that the workshop is aimed to provide the teachers with “21st century skills” on thinking, entrepreneurship, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), artistic and design, and communication, among others.

The workshop also seeks to arm teachers with knowledge to ensure they can efficiently teach BAT subject.

BAT was one of two new subjects that was introduced in 2012, in line with the goal of the National Education System for the 21st Century (SPN21).

Speaking at the sidelines of the workshop, Head of the Technology Studies Unit Hjh Siti Raudah Hazimah Hj Abd Wahab told The Brunei Times they hope to impart skills and knowledge to enhance the efficiency of the teachers.

“It is important for them (teachers) to know and understand… they will have to learn these skills so they can teach the students, it is part of the multiply effect,” she said.

Hjh Siti Raudah Hazimah said the skills learned by the teachers will be important to help students chart their future careers.

She also expressed hopes the teachers will continue to explore more project-based teachings and continue to think out of the box.

During the first of the three-day workshop, teachers partook on topics such as whole school ICT development (WSID) and thinking, artistic and design skills.

Throughout the three day workshop, the teachers will also partake in various talks on using the WSID lesson plan, along with learning about the different elements of the design process.

The teachers will also learn knowledge to create and evaluate the portfolio and projects of students.

The Curriculum Development Department Special Duties Officer Hjh Badariah Hj Saidin was present as the guest of honour.

The Brunei Times