UNISSA looking to reform its strategic plans

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UNIVERSITI Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) is looking to revise its ten-year strategic plan 2009-2018, following the rapid advancement of its educational environment said it’s Rector.

Dr Hj Norarfan Hj Zainal told The Brunei Times recently that the university’s strategic plan needs to be improved because its educational environment is changing over time in terms of policies and objectives.

“We need to start reviewing the institute’s plan in line with our new environment. We see changes in terms of policies and objectives in improving the university ” said Dr Hj Norarfan who was appointed as UNISSA’s Rector in 2014.

“We need to be realistic, with all new things that came up in recent years, indeed it will affect the university’s strategic plan,” he said

He said that the introduction of the Academic Staff Service Scheme (SPTA) introduced in 2014 drives them to reformulate the strategic plans.

“Before the establishment of SPTA, we are lacking of professional lecturers from other countries. But with this scheme, more are coming forward.

"To ensure they (lecturers under the scheme) keep on following the rules under the scheme, we need to standardise the strategic plan with new matter that happened in recent years,” he said.

When asked on their plan within these remaining years before the end of the strategic plan, he said that collaboration among officers and personnel and understanding the university's progress as well as changes are essential in achieving the plan.

“We have another two years to complete our first strategic plan, the officer and personnel need to be more active and work hand in hand in this matter, if it’s not clear with what we want to achieve, then it will curb us to achieve success,” he said

He said that, the next strategic plan for UNISSA will focus on making the university as a centre hub for higher Islamic education in this region.

“We believe with the future construction of a new campus for UNISSA in Temburong, it will help the university to achieve its aim in making Brunei as a centre for Islamic teaching in the country.

“Brunei is a country that can offer a pure religious education in this region because Islam here is really centralise and not mixed up with other different Islamic values or teachings,” he said, adding that many foreign students choose to come to Brunei due to its genuineness in Islamic teachings.

According to an earlier news report, the 2009-2018 strategic plan took approximately a year to formulate. Including His Majesty’s titah, Brunei’s constitution, the Malay Islamic Monarchy philosophy (MIB), Brunei National Vision 2035, Ministry of Education strategic plan and the National Educational System for the 21st century (SPN21).

UNISSA was established in 2007 with its vision to be an internationally recognised university that is progressive and dynamic based on the Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah.

The Brunei Times