MoE launches five new history books

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THE Ministry of Education (MoE) yesterday launched five history books to foster a better understanding on Brunei’s past monarchs among primary school pupils.

The five books are _Sultan Muhammad Shah:Hubungan Awal Brunei–China_, _Sultan Sharif Ali:Sultan Berkat_, Sultan Saiful Rijal: Perang Kastila, _Sultan Abdul Kahar: Marhum Keramat _and Sultan Bolkiah: Nakhoda Ragam.

Deputy Minister of Education Pg Dato Paduka Hj Bahrom Pg Hj Bahar said the new books contain interesting stories based on the past sultans, and were designed to equip students with a more in-depth knowledge on Brunei’s history.

In his speech, he said it is important to uphold Bruneian identity through learning the history of Brunei and its ancestors.

The deputy minister said learning history can foster patriotism and love for history among primary school pupils in the sultanate, adding that it can produce a generation of patriotic youth.

“It is hoped that this spirit of love for our history can continue to be nurtured in the hearts of students and on to the next generation.

“With this love, the new generation can defend themselves against anything that seeks to threaten our sovereignty,” he said, adding that the younger generation are the nation’s assets for future development.

Pg Dato Hj Bahrom added that history teaches life lessons and is a way for young readers to emulate the noble character of past sultans and to make them as the young generation’s role model.

Citing His Majesty’s titah at the Knowledge Convention in 2010, the deputy minister said it is important to preserve Brunei’s history as it is filled Malay Muslim Monarchy values.

“It (MIB) is not a choice but an award and honour from Allah (SWT), It’s an honour that holds a higher value than what can be produced by one’s own hands,” he said.

The deputy minister said he hopes to see more history books on Brunei’s past sultans to be published as this was a source of reference for the young generation in preserving the cultural heritage.

He urged teachers and students to make use of the books, as it will help students’ learning process, adding that teachers should be creative and innovative in delivering their lessons.

“Deliver your lessons by role playing and other interesting methods, this way students will be interested in learning about history,” he said.

The new books were launched at Rimba I Primary School.

The Brunei Times