Learn to listen when discussing a child’s career path, parents told

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PARENTS should always be open to their children’s preferences in regard to their education and career path to help them become productive members of society.

A counsellor from the Careers and Counseling Unit under the Ministry of Education said this in light of an observation that most students tend to choose subjects or career paths according to their parents’ wishes.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Siti Hajar Hj Khamis said: “A common occurrence with students, especially the ones that study outside of the country, they do not perform as well as expected.

“When students under-perform it is usually because they do not have interest in that particular subject or course (and) this is usually caused by the students feeling forced to take those subjects by their parents,” she added.

As parents, she said, they have to be open to accepting their child’s limitations as well as be aware of what their children excel in, adding that parents can do this by establishing strong communication with their children.

Siti Hajar added that children’s interest in a certain subject or area of expertise is important because it contributes to their productivity in their future workplace.

“Parents have to remember that even if their child excels at a certain subject, it does not mean that they are interested in it,” Siti Hajar said.

“When children take subjects that they are forced to take, of course they may survive, but we need to take into consideration that there is also that possibility that they may falter.”

She said that parents should always let their children decide what they want to do, according to their interests and the career path that they want to achieve.

However, she added, parents should always make sure that the choices that their children make for their education and their career paths are for the right reasons and are truly in line with the future that they (the children) envision for themselves.

“Parents can never stop being involved with their children’s choices, even when they become adults, not to dictate and scrutinise their every decision (but) to support them and provide guidance every step of the way,” said Siti Hajar.

The Brunei Times