Better access to industry perspectives on careers

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THE Ministry of Education is creating better opportunities for Year 11 students to interact with representatives from government and business and industry on their career paths.

This year the ministry’s Careers and Counselling Unit will involve more participation from parents as its Halatuju (Directions Programme) programme will include exhibitions where students will have a chance to discuss their career options, said a counsellor.

The programme involves officers and staff of various government agencies, private companies and higher education institutions visiting schools to give insights on future paths for Year 11 students.

In an interview with The Brunei Times at the sidelines of a press conference yesterday, Siti Hajar Hj Khamis said that in previous years, the Directions Programme would only involve career talks.

“This year, after numerous feedbacks from last year’s programme by career teachers, parents as well as students, we decided to do things differently, where we will organise exhibitions as well as talks,” she said.

Siti Hajar added that the exhibition was to enable the students and parents to interact directly with the agencies and get feedback and consultation regarding the students’ future career path.

She said the main aim of the programme was to provide students information on the opportunities that they have once they graduate schools as well as updating students regarding the latest courses offered by educational institutes and the requirements to take them.

“For students who achieve four or five Os, it’s easy as they usually end up continuing their studies in sixth form or apply for scholarships to study outside (however) our main priority is for those students who achieve less than three Os,” she said.

The counsellor said that previously, before the programme started, students who achieve less than three Os as well as their parents believed that they (the students) will not be able to pursue their studies.

“Now there plenty of private and technical institutions that will accept these students,” she said. “Just because a student is not academically strong does not mean they cannot amount to anything.

“Students who are not strong academically excel when it comes to practical things and that is an asset that is very valuable nowadays (and) with the programme, at least they know that there are options waiting for them,” she added.

The Directions Programme this year will see the events being held in 21 schools all around the sultanate from the end of February until mid-July.

The Brunei Times