Quick sighting of fire saves house from total destruction

National 1 minute, 24 seconds


THE quick sighting of a fire originating from house’s electrical box by a neighbour in STKRJ Kg Mumong saved a house from burning down yesterday morning.

Khairul Anwar Ramli who lives along Spg 120-35-10-31 said his mother first spotted the flames outside their neighbour’s top porch at 10am.

Responding hastily, Khairul called the Fire and Rescue Department.

A fire truck arrived 15 minutes later with four personnel who managed to bring the blaze under control within minutes using a jet hose.

The Department of Electrical Services later verified that a loose connection on the house’s electrical prepaid metre was the cause of the fire, which threatened but did not spread into the house. Damages are estimated at $520.

The homeowner Mohd Umbu Ahmad and his family of five were out at the time of the fire, and rushed back after receiving a call from their neighbours.

“Me and my wife were out running errands in the morning as usual, while my children were out working. Thankfully our neighbours reported the fire, if not it could have been worse, “ said Umbu.

Umbu’s other neighbour Luqman Hj Yahya who also rushed to help, said that he heard a small explosion, likely to be a spark which lead to the fire.

“When I exited my house to see what the sound was about there was a large fire right in front of the door of their first floor looking like it would spread to inside the house, but the firefighters arrived quick enough before the situation descended out of control,” said Luqman.

Station commander of the Kuala Belait fire station ASFR Zulkeflee Alimas lead yesterday’s response team.

The Brunei Times