Brunei students in Egypt, Jordan face language barrier problems: JPI

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STUDENTS who are furthering their studies in the Middle East sometimes face language problems despite having learned the Arabic language at Arabic schools in Brunei, said the head of Inspectorate Section under the Department of Islamic Study (JPI).

In an interview on the sidelines of the Ministry of Religious Affairs’ (MoRA) working visit to the Hassanal Bolkiah Arabic Secondary School (SMALHB) yesterday, Hasbi Mohd Suhaili said that some students still cannot understand and converse fluently in Arabic while studying in Egypt or Jordan.

This, he said, is due to the difference between standard Arabic language studied in school and informal Arabic language commonly used by native speakers.

“Arabic school students have knowledge in Arabic language as they learn the subject throughout their time at Arabic schools. But they only study standard Arabic language.

“Those pursuing their studies in the Middle East find it hard to understand the native (Arabic) language. The locals in the Middle East barely converse using the standard Arabic language,” he said.

He noted that some students who went to the Al-Azhar University in Egypt struggle to understand, leading some failing their exams.

When asked about the improvements that need to be done, Hasbi said that teachers should take the initiative to go beyond the syllabus in order to relay what is relevant in the real world.

“Teachers need to be more active and creative when teaching as it’s their role as educators to teach whether it be formal or informal education,” he said

He added: “Students also need to learn other skills that are not related to the syllabus but important for their daily usage.”

The head of Inspectorate Section also urged the Arabic school students to take the initiative to improve their language skill be it in Arabic, English or Malay for their own advantage.

The Brunei Times