Temburong Bridge in Lego gets positive feedback

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THOUSANDS of Lego bricks were used to produce the Temburong Bridge Project’s Brunei Channel Bridge and the Eastern Channel Bridge models for the exhibition on January 16.

During the foundation laying ceremony at the project site in Kg Sungai Besar, an exhibition was held which showcased P-nut’s Merchandise store’s Lego model of the bridge.

Norhafilah Amin, the founder and owner of the P-Nut’s Merchandise store told The Brunei Times in an interview yesterday that over five thousand Lego bricks were used to produce the two models.

The Brunei Channel Bridge used a total of 365,000 pieces, while the Eastern Channel Bridge used a total of 150,880 pieces.

She said that in September 2015, she was approached by an officer from the Public Works Department (PWD) under the Ministry of Development offering to collaborate to build models of the bridge for the exhibition.

Norhafilah, along with two of her part-time workers, then began constructing the two models by using the reference they received from the department. The two models were then completed within two weeks.

Although this project was not the first Lego building she has done as she has also created a Lego model for Brunei Gas Carriers (BGC), she said that they faced various challenges throughout the two weeks.

One of the main challenges was getting the right proportion of the pieces.

She said that the team overcame the challenges through preparations for the next step in their builds by visualising the pieces.

Norhafilah said that during the exhibition, she felt happy as her team’s hard work paid off as she received positive responses from the public.

Norhafilah hopes to continue to create new Lego builds for her retail business as she wants to create models of Brunei’s landmark, such as the various buildings and mosques in the sultanate. She said that the models would become one of the local products that showcase Brunei.

The Brunei Times